I'm Brooklyn, a 19 year old with way too many aspirations. This is my site for everything I find interesting. A place to share my own graphics, remixes, songs, etc. I've started a music news section for the latest in Arabic pop/dance/electro artists. I enjoy creativity and learning things, but to get to know me better, read this, or simply read my blog. Here are the basics:

My favorite color is purple. I have two unicorn pillowpets named Herman and Sherman. I'm a sucker for anything adorable, I've yet to grow up in that sense. I'm addicted Sims 2. I could eat pepperoni pizza forever, with marinara of course. I'm Lebanese and speak Arabic. I live in Oklahoma. I love Kylie Minogue. My "real" name is Broc, my nicknames are Broccoli and Brocodile. My best friend is Barry and I call him Barrydog (as in prarie dog, his favorite animal.) My favorite animal is the otter, and I love Pokemon, so naturally Oshawott is amazing.

I'm just Brooklyn, dreaming.

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Jackie Chan with puppies.

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THIS THIS THIS. This is exactly how you feel working in fast food.

THIS THIS THIS. This is exactly how you feel working in fast food.

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Bunny falls asleep.

Bunny falls asleep.

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Rain. So soothing. So calming.

Treadmills are awesome, yo.

I really like getting on the treadmill and using my 3DS. It makes time go by so quick. I have a feeling this walking on the treadmill will help me slowly lose more weight and eventually maybe be able to jog or run on it. I’d love that.

Officially being made Team Leader!

Yesterday I found out a few people quit withing the span of a week. We’ve lost so many people. We even have a new assistant manager because one of our assistant managers quit. (Peace out, good riddance, goodbye, holla, buenos noches, get out)

Anyway, I was back in the stocking area when the general manager comes up and says, “What’s your shirt size?” I told him and then asked why, if I was wearing the wrong shirt or something. He told me “Well team leaders wear gray shirts and ties so I have to order in a couple for you”, then he walked off and I stood there wanting to scream. I’m so happy. I know it’s only a small move and it’s only fast food but I’m just so glad to be going somewhere in a place considered a dead end. To be honest I simply see it as experience. Of course fast food isn’t my life and I won’t be here 20 years from now, some manager or something, neeeever, however, “Team Leader at Jack-in-The-Box” would help open a door or two on applications if I wanted to move on someday.

Anyway, oh! We bought a treadmill finally! I know how lame that is to get excited about but we’ve been saving up for it, and returned that god-awful manual one we bought, and yesterday while I was working he went and picked it up and put it together. It’s so neat, I can’t wait to start using it. He’s already used it and loves it much more than that manual one he was always struggling with.

Oh, and I bought Aaron a couple surprises. He doesn’t read my site so it’s fine to talk about them here. I found a site called ThinkGeek with lots of really cool fandom stuff. He loves The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, so I found these neat pens that are made to look like the swords and staffs from the movies. I also bought him a journal fashioned to look like an old world leather book, it looks so cool. I also bought myself some Doctor Who slippers. It sounds like a lot but all-in-all I think I spent 45 dollars max. They’re cheap on there! I also bought Pikmin the other day for my GameCube. I so missed playing Pikmin. Haven’t played it since I used to spend the night with my cousin Tristan. He and I would sit and play it for hours and make up stories while we played as the astronaut. We always did, actually, I remember playing with action figures and making up storylines and he’d want to get the video camera to make a movie but we were only kids so of course we wouldn’t get it. It was so much fun.

I don’t mean to ramble but I feel like I haven’t posted in forever. Had a lot on my mind lately.

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