I'm Brooklyn, a 19 year old with way too many aspirations. This is my site for everything I find interesting. A place to share my own graphics, remixes, songs, etc. I've started a music news section for the latest in Arabic pop/dance/electro artists. I enjoy creativity and learning things, but to get to know me better, read this, or simply read my blog. Here are the basics:

My favorite color is purple. I have two unicorn pillowpets named Herman and Sherman. I'm a sucker for anything adorable, I've yet to grow up in that sense. I'm addicted Sims 2. I could eat pepperoni pizza forever, with marinara of course. I'm Lebanese and speak Arabic. I live in Oklahoma. I love Kylie Minogue. My "real" name is Broc, my nicknames are Broccoli and Brocodile. My best friend is Barry and I call him Barrydog (as in prarie dog, his favorite animal.) My favorite animal is the otter, and I love Pokemon, so naturally Oshawott is amazing.

I'm just Brooklyn, dreaming.

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Silly turtle, you can’t fly!

Silly turtle, you can’t fly!

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i just fucking wanted the one”

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Yep, I have to, I just have to.

I’m too sore too much to be useful to them.

Work work work, ouch.

The Sims 4 comes out on September 2nd, and I’m so excited!

It’ll be a nice gift to myself. Plus I’ll have earned it with my own money for the first time which is awesome. Ugh, it’s been such a hard couple days, they seem to just drag on and on. I’ve been coming home just barely able to even walk, mostly because they keep having me stay past my time and even an hour more makes a big difference when you’re already there 8-9 hours with no break.

I just feel so sick tonight that I almost feel like I need to call in because I couldn’t work in this condition and the pain in my feet from staying standing so long is just getting so rough yet I don’t want to say anything about it or cause a commotion since it’s a part of the job. It’s just been causing this weird kind of numb feeling in the side of my right big toe where it feels numb and goes un-numb and then goes numb again. It’s a weird feeling. The assistant manager didn’t even show up today, she left the general manager there all by himself. He had already been there since 7 A.M. Well, she was supposed to get there at 4 p.m. to relieve him, and never showed or called, so he had to stay until the night crew came at 11 p.m. Oh I felt so baaad for him.

Keonta (Kee-on-tay), a team leader, and I have been forming a really nice friendship. We have so much fun and laugh and it makes work go by so quick. She’s even invited me to events outside of work, like to exercise with her or go to White Water with her, neither I ended up doing but still she’s invited me which she doesn’t do with most people, not even some of the people who have been working up there for a long time. We just get along so well it’s almost like I’ve known her a long time. We talk about her upcoming wedding and the planning and things like that, she asks about Aaron and I, and we talk about relationships and being with someone for a long time and being happy still without any arguing.

It’s so nice to have someone I didn’t even know become such good friends with me quickly, there are lots of people up there that I’ve formed bonds with where we have our inside jokes and talk about things from where we left off last time, etc. Janey even knows I love Mario games so since she’s an assistant manager at McDonalds, they give her the display toys to take home out of the case every month and so she’s giving them to me since this month McDonalds is doing Mario Kart toys. They want to make me a Team Leader and make her an Assistant Manager (Since none of the current Team Leaders have wanted to take up the position).I’m more than excited to take up the Team Leader role. Keonta is training me on Line service (which is sandwich making) tomorrow so I can start moving up in rank around there, since I’m nearly done with my C.B.T. training videos and tests.

Sorry this blog is so long by the way, I just haven’t written in quite some time. I’ve been working on designs for my site by the way. As well as brushes, and all that good junk. I’ll go ahead and end this post while it’s still only a few novels long. Love you all!


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hey there :) I just love your minimalist plumbbob design, thanks so much for sharing it :) I wondered if it was okay to use it on a t-shirt. Here is a first draft of my design: shirtinator. de / gestalten / creator/ ?SISID=61707&userdesign=44819261 (I had to include spaces for the url to work in an ask, just remove them.) I am not planning on selling it, it is just for me personally. I'm curious though, Is commercial use of your design allowed at all? Thanks and have a great day :)
Asked by simlicious

No problem! Absolutely, go ahead and use whatever you’d like. I like to think of it this way, I use the game created by other people, to inspire designs and custom content, so of course I can’t charge for that :). I saw the shirt design and it’s really cute!

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Having trouble getting out the tent


Having trouble getting out the tent