Aaron and I saw this weird bike at WalMart. What’s up with the super huge wheels, is it just aesthetic or do they serve a purpose?

Aaron and I saw this weird bike at WalMart. What’s up with the super huge wheels, is it just aesthetic or do they serve a purpose?

Hello fellow.

Well, I just felt like writing a blog post tonight. Nothing exciting or new has happened, but there are just a couple things to talk about! First of all Halloween, is it lame or creepy to go trick-or-treating after elementary school? Aaron and I both kinda want to go out and do something for Halloween, maybe dress up and trick-or-treat, but I have a feeling it’d be weird unless we take my little sister, which I should do anyway to spend some time with her. I’ll also be able to test drive my Bravest Warriors costume that I’m making for Izumicon in Norman this November.

I’m going to be Danny, from Bravest Warriors. Aaron is going to be Erin from Attack on Titan, he’s been putting a ton of effort into perfecting his cosplay of Erin. It’s really cool.

On the Sims and site front, I’ve downloaded and have been fiddling with the CAS Recolor Tool and S4PE so I can make custom content. Remember those Kylie Minogue t-shirts I made for Sims 2? I’m in the process of updating them and bringing them to your Sims in TS4, as well as some Doctor Who shirts, and then just some general recolors of in-game furniture. (For instance, making some of the curtains one-tone and rugs with more color options, etc.)

I’m compiling a background for my website finally, after snapping plenty of pictures in the game, I’m happy to re-invent the site. In other news, I have to wait a couple more weeks before I can get certified as a Team Leader (Which just means I have to wait a couple weeks for the pay raise, AGH!) Because I wasn’t done with my training videos in time for the class a few days ago, so I HAVE to be by the next class. (I don’t have to be but I’m making myself finish these up so I can get the ball rolling.) I’m also learning more and more each day since I’m shadowing other team leaders. I finally have my own card and all to do manager stuff on the registers and all.

Pretty exciting. No, I know it’s really boring, haha.

From all the extra hours I stayed overtime last week I made a decent check, well enough to get myself something nice. I’ve been wanting an iPod touch or at least a little gidgety gadgety thingy majig to listen to music and do apps and junk. I wanted it for work because you see, we do stay pretty busy up there, but when it dies down and you’ve cleaned and stocked or are on break, sometimes you can get soooo bored. Everyone else has a phone or iPod or tablet to play with during down time. As long as your duties are fulfilled you can text or do whatever out of view of the customers. I had an iPod Touch for a while but it became unable to play games or download apps because they phased it out with updates. So I basically have a Brick.

So today Aaron’s taking me to browse and hopefully find one I like. I feel a little silly buying a tablet or smartphone thing since I already have a computer but I guess tablets do do things laptops can’t, especially being so compact. I’m planning on getting something I can use as my mp3 player so I don’t have like 4 gadgets for different functions. I know I’ve written a virtual novel here so I’ll wrap it up. I’m excited about the future of this site and the custom content I’ll be giving you all. Keep my site bookmarked for future updates!


My return to Custom Content making,

After playing with the Sims 4 for a couple days, and testing its capabilities and design techniques, I realize how similar it is to Sims 2, the game where I began my content creation. This game will allow me to get back into sharing recolors and re-textures for you all. My Books for Sims series will be revived (as soon as we get some modders to make some programs to make this possible.) and the books I created for TS2 will be migrated for TS4.

I’m excited about the future of custom content design, this game makes it a bit easy to jump back into recolors.

1: Having some me-time thinking in the tub with a nice bubble bath.
2 & 3: Hanging out with a newly made friend while playing a game
4: Oh yeaaah, I have a freezer-bunny pink guitar, jealous?
5: What a way to end the day, a broken sink, blegh.